Platform @ Pure Barre

Pure Barre Platform

Class: Platform

Location: Brentwood

Work-out: Barre

Difficulty: 3.5 (mainly because the moves were unfamiliar)

Next day soreness: 3.5

Duration: 60 min

Sweat Level:💧💧A little dewy

Parking: Private lot, 90 minutes free with validation

Amenities: Water fountain, swag and water for purchase

Requirements for class: socks, a small towel

I was so excited to try Platform now that it’s on ClassPass, but man was this class a frenzy! I arrived about 10 minutes early, signed in, and was told that I NEEDED a towel. I was surprised because I never HAVE TO HAVE a towel in barre classes. The receptionist said I could purchase one for $13, but then later said for first timers, could use a sweatshirt or jacket. I ran downstairs to my car to grab one and barely made it back to class on time.

Each platform is set up at the barre already, you just need to grab two sets of weights. Then the class kicks off. It’s fast-paced, but the repetition rounds are relatively short. This actually reminded me of Cardio Barre. To be honest, I anticipated a lot more jumping and stepping on and off the platform, but instead, it was a lot of doing the barre moves with one leg on the platform. At least half the class looked lost. But the rounds moved so quickly that it was hard for the instructors to correct everyone before the next round started. At this particular Pure Barre location, it’s also hard to see what the instructor is doing if you’re located against the backside of the studio. Overall, it was a decent workout – a little different from regular Pure Barre due to how fast paced it was. I did not understand why they were so adamant about needing a towel since I was barely sweating. But, I was still pretty sore the next day so maybe I worked harder than I thought. The good thing is, with the amount of people who were lost, you would all be in it together.


Get Fit @ Coachella

Coachella Fit guide

If you’re headed to the desert this weekend or next, it’s quite the strenuous activity, and generally a hiatus from healthy lifestyles. From past experiences, if you go to the festival for 10 hours each day, it comes out to around 10 miles of walking, which is a lot of activity in and of itself. (That is, if you’re not being shuttled around on golf carts in the festival.)

However, if you’re looking for more opportunities to stay fit, or if you’re just around for the party scene, here are some more chances:

Barry’s Bootcamp: Pop up at the Saguaro (1800 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264) Saturday and Sunday (weekend 1) from 10AM – 11AM. RSVP to

The Sweat Shoppe: If the desert heat isn’t enough and you want things a little hotter, the Sweat Shoppe popping up with their heated spin classes at both weekends of Coachella at the Riviera Palm Springs (1600 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262) Book your bikes here.

Of course, swimming in the pool counts too! 😉

FUBAR @ Sirens and Titans

Sirens and Titans

Class: FUBAR (stands for “F-ed up beyond all recognition”)

Location: Westwood

Work-out: Versa climber

Difficulty: 4.5

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 30 min

Sweat Level💦💦 Sweaty

Parking: Street parking

Amenities: Lockers, towels, filtered water

Requirements for class: sneakers

With a class titled FUBAR, you pretty much know you’re signing yourself up for a tough workout. But luckily, it’s only 30 minutes of pain and then you’re done! I’ve done versa climber workouts before (at Rise Nation), and it was hard. Admittedly, I’ve only been to Rise twice since cardio is not exactly my thing. This class is a little different from Rise because you do three rounds of intervals with breaks in between and you’re allowed to step off. The climbers themselves are also slightly different than Rise – I do find the grips to be a bit more comfortable.

The class started with 8 sets of 20 second sprints followed by 10 second breaks on the machine, lasting 4 minutes total. Then, you’re allowed to step down for a few minutes and the instructor goes around the room to ask everyone how many meters they’ve climbed. The next set consists of 45 second sprints followed by 30 seconds of rest in between, with a few min. off the machine. Again, you announce how many meters you’ve climbed. The third set consists of 90 second sprints with longer breaks and the last sprint of the third set is 2 minutes. You announce your meters and finally end with a last round of 2 min. of 20 second sprints with 10 second breaks (half of the first round). Your goal is to beat half the meters you got in round 1. The announcing of the meters keeps you accountable to keep pushing yourself. 600 in any round is considered impressive. I definitely liked this class more than traditional running cardio because there were personal goals to beat. It was tough but doable!