Beyond Yoga Sample Sale May 19-21, 2017

Beyond Yoga Sample Sale 2017

Beyond Yoga is having its annual sample sale this weekend!

Update: Inventory will be restocked throughout the weekend, but most of the items were past season.


Bras – $15

Tops – $20

Dresses – $20

Leggings – $30

Shorts/Skirts – $15

Accessories – $10

Giftcards – $20 for $25 cards

Tip: Be sure to try on everything for size, even if you know your size because I found that the sizing was inconsistent. Also, look out for damages/abnormalities!


Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale

Lorna Jane Sample Sale

Lorna Jane is having a 3-day warehouse sale in Santa Monica starting today! Street parking is available today, Friday, and the lot will be free and open on Saturday and Sunday.

Pricing is as follows:

Sports bras: $45

Bra tanks: $40/$45

Singlet tanks: $20

Tights/Carpis/Leggings: $55

Jackets: $100

A select few windbreakers (by the door): $40

A select few slouchy pants: $20-$30

Sleeveless vests: $45

Gym/Travel bags: $20

Towels: $10

Candles: $15

Visors/hats: $15

Weight training gloves: $15

Sweat bands and smoothie mason jars: $5

Yoga mats: $20/$25ish

Overall, I didn’t think there were any super great deals.ย In the past, there has been a samples/damages section that is heavily discounted (like $5), but they don’t have any this time.ย None of the really new stuff were there (I was eyeing the Wrap Me Up Sports Bra and it couldn’t be found), but then again, I’ve never been a Lorna Jane fanatic. If you really like the brand, it might be worth checking out.