Beyond Yoga Sample Sale May 19-21, 2017

Beyond Yoga Sample Sale 2017

Beyond Yoga is having its annual sample sale this weekend!

Update: Inventory will be restocked throughout the weekend, but most of the items were past season.


Bras – $15

Tops – $20

Dresses – $20

Leggings – $30

Shorts/Skirts – $15

Accessories – $10

Giftcards – $20 for $25 cards

Tip: Be sure to try on everything for size, even if you know your size because I found that the sizing was inconsistent. Also, look out for damages/abnormalities!


Flywheel Santa Monica Grand Opening & Free Classes!

Flywheel Santa Monica

Flywheel Santa Monica is officially opening 5/8/17, but this weekend they are offering free classes! For more information and to sign up, head over to their blog.

Class: Fly 45

Location: Santa Monica

Work-out: Indoor cycling/spin

Difficulty: 4.5

Next day soreness: 3.5

Duration: 45

Sweat Level: Sweaty

Parking: Metered street parking, validated lot

Amenities: Towels, showers, filtered water fountain, lockers, free shoe rentals, mints, hair ties, ear plugs

Requirements for class: socks

So this was actually my very first Flywheel class. My friend Cassie had actually previously reviewed one of the other locations, but due to how far the studios were from me, I never got around to trying Flywheel until now. I did the Fly 45 with Victor Self, which is the signature class, and WOW was it hard! Afterwards, I learned that Victor is one of the tougher instructors (which made me feel a little better), but still, I was trailing way behind for most of the class.

First, the fact that each bike had its own screen which showed you your Torq level, your RPM (revolutions per minute), your distance and your power really made you feel accountable. The instructor gave guidelines for you to be at certain levels (such as mid 80s RPM at Torq 20) and I was definitely cruising at 60 feeling like my legs were going to fall off. It really puts in perspective how hard you should be working and how you compare. Ultimately though, you know your body best and Victor gave the advice that when choosing between torque and RPM, always maintain RPM and lower the torque to keep up with the class. If you’re in a competitive spirit, you can opt to have your stats displayed on the “torq board” which shows the 10 highest performing riders (broken down by male and female) in the class. My friend Becca crushed it and was #1 in the female category and #5 in the overall category. Go girl!

What I really appreciated was that Flywheel took service to the next level. When you sign up for an account, you choose what shoe size you are, and once you get to the studio, your spin shoes are already in a little cubby with your bike number. Furthermore, after class, your account updates with the stats from the class you just took including your min and max torque levels, your speed, distance, calories burned and total power. Super useful and definitely something that’ll keep you going back.

If you’re looking for a spin class to challenge you and push you to your limits (without the ability to really slack), this is it! This location will also be on ClassPass once it’s officially open. Free classes all weekend until the official opening on Monday 5/8/17, so now’s your chance to try it out!

Dance Cardio @ ModelFIT LA


Class: Dance Cardio

Location: Weho

Work-out: Dance cardio

Difficulty: 3.5

Next day soreness: 2

Duration: 60

Sweat Level: Sweaty

Parking: Metered street parking, valet or paid lot

Amenities: Towels, showers, filtered water fountain, lockers, swag for purchase

Requirements for class: sneakers

I’ve been reading about ModelFIT for years and I was BEYOND excited when they finally opened up an LA location at the end of last year! This super trendy workout is said to be responsible for the bodies of many celebs and supermodels (such as Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigan and Taylor Swift) and offers both strength training and cardio without the intensity of a bootcamp or cross fit class. The LA location currently offers Dance Cardio, Sculpt, and Cardio Scuplt (this being a combination of the Dance Cardio and Sculpt class).

When I went in for my dance cardio class yesterday, there was only one other attendee in my class, so it was like a semi private lesson! The studio itself was small, but clearly we had plenty of room. 45 minutes of the class was straight dance cardio (which is about 15 minutes longer than Body by Simone and Tracy Anderson, for comparison). However, the routines and moves were definitely easier than BBS and TA. At times I almost found some of the moves a little too repetitive and not challenging enough, but I appreciate how they kept it easy since pushing through 45 minutes in itself is a challenge. The last 15 minutes was spent on abs, glutes and a stretch. My instructor was Sarah and she was awesome!

I really enjoy classes like these and like to supplement cardio with sculpting classes so I can’t wait to come back and try the others. The showers and amenities also looked really nice (and new!). My only complaint is that parking can be a challenge on 3rd St (it’s right next to Sweetgreen), but supposedly the studio is working on getting parking in the future. ModelFIT isn’t on Classpass, and it’s $32 a class, but keep an eye out for promo packages and new client specials.


TH 101 @ Tonehouse


Class: TH 101

Location: New York City – NoMad

Work-out: Strength training

Difficulty: 5+

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 60

Sweat Level: Sweaty

Parking: Not sure this is a thing in NY?

Amenities: Towels, showers, cold bath, foam rollers, water fountain, water and swag for purchase, big and small lockers and fully stocked locker room

Requirements for class: sneakers and don’t eat anything right before class

What a way to start of 2017, with the hardest class I’ve ever taken in my LIFE! I took Tone House’s intro class (TH101), and cannot even fathom how anyone can survive the regular class, which is supposedly 10x harder than the already-impossible 101 class. Granted, I didn’t know this was THE HARDEST workout that NYC has to offer, and by the end of the class, the “leave your ego at the door” greeting posted at the entrance really hit home. Halfway through the warm-up, any trace of ego was completely replaced by pure survival mode. I was incredibly impressed with everyone else in my class who seemed to go through the activities like it was any other workout.

The warm-up consisted of a series of cardio hurdles..yes mini HURDLES that you ran and jumped over from the front and side. After that, groups of 4 sprinted and bear-crawled across the room in rounds. I’m not sure if this made up the warm-up or if the next series or agility tasks were included as well but at this point I already felt like I might drop dead at any moment. The body of the class took us through lunges and jumps with one leg through TRX bungees, a 4000-meter row (though I don’t think anyone got close to 4000M – speed counted for more than distance on this one) and body weight sleighs. The latter was a brand new concept to me, in which “sleighs” were weighted down and then strapped to your body and you had to drag the sleigh across the room with your lower body tied to it, and then push it back across the room with your upper body strength. Yes, it sounds as ridiculous as it actually was. Finally, the class ended with another round of agility tasks (running in place, jumping up and down, squatting, shuffling, etc.) and then a group stretch. OMG I could not believe I made it to the end and I was still standing… sort of. The good thing was that other attendants of the class (who had obviously been there before) cheered you on and it was clear that there was a real sense of community at Tone House.

Aside from the actual workout, the locker room amenities were nice (talk about that cold jacuzzi tub to help ice those muscles, as well as foam rollers in a big open space and two sizes of lockers). My one complaint is the astroturf that lines the studio floors, which really hurts your hands after spending so much time on the floor crawling and doing push-ups and what not. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this class to people who are new to working out, but those who are relatively fit and looking for a challenge for 2017, this is it!


FlexFitClub with Ladies First Events @ Playlist Yoga


As 2016 is drawing to a close, I’m taking a moment to be grateful for the fitness community, especially the strong network we have in LA. Reflecting on some of the amazing events I’ve attended this past year, I feel very fortunate to have such a group of people who come together to support each other, both in fitness goals and personal life goals. To all the new friends I’ve made because of this and the old ones who I wish I saw more of, cheers to you!

Back in late November, I had the opportunity to attend a Ladies First Events fitness event after reading about its awesome sweatworking sessions in Well+Good. I loved the concept that founders Joanna and Donna Vo started for Ladies First Events and was thrilled to be surrounded by the crowd of accomplished bloggers and girlbosses of the fitness community who came out for the event.

The group yoga class, held at Playlist Yoga, provided the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle with wellness minded social-media gurus. In fact, it was nice to start seeing some familiar faces at these events, as well as meet new people (which I guess is the point!). Being an introverted blogger is at times hard for me since it’s not second nature for me to go up to strangers and just start chatting, but the fitness community is definitely one of the most supportive and easy to break into communities out there. For that, I am grateful.

In addition to the amazing class led by Playlist CEO Missy Faul, the event was also sponsored by Nike’s Brahaus, which fitted everyone with a new Nike sportsbra, and 1915 Organic cold-pressed juice, Karuna beauty and Justin’s Nut Butters. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I hope to attend more of Ladies First Events in the future to continue supporting its empowering spirit.

Check out the video from the event below and see the full gallery here.

Tropicana #Morning Spark Event with Tracy Anderson


As part of Tropicana Orange Juice’s new #MorningSpark campaign, the brand hosted a morning of fitness with celeb-trainer Tracy Anderson at Palihouse in West Hollywood. Fellow bloggers and wellness journalists gathered to take Tracy’s signature class and refuel with some delicious breakfast bites and Tropicana orange juice.


Luckily for Angelenos, rooftop workouts are still completely doable on a late November morning, and this event did not disappoint. Tracy led us through a shortened version of her class (you can take the full version at her TA studios) and it still provided an intense burn. For a review of her normal class, check out this post (I didn’t think I was going to make it!).


Post workout, guests got the chance to take pictures with the legend herself, and were also treated to a delicious and healthy al fresco breakfast powered by Tropicana. Ms. Anderson also sat down for some interviews, and here are some fun facts!

Five examples of how Tracy Anderson likes to start her day in a positive way:

  1. I wake up and connect right away to my smell and put on one of Leanne Hirsch’s perfumer acurandera natural scents.  I am crazy about them all but into the Jungle Rose Mariri these days.
  2. I connect face to face and with a big snuggle with both of my kids
  3. I make my morning smoothie.  My favorite is frozen mango, my vanilla TA CLEAR protein powder and Tropicana 100% orange juice. I have been starting my mornings with it since I was a kid.
  4. I head right to my workout first thing every day.  When you make working out part of your life stance you look forward to it as a treat not a chore.
  5. I wash my face with Ecco Bella face wash and follow up with their day cream because I really care about taking care of my skin in a way that takes care of the planet and is organic for my skin.

Thanks for hosting, Tropicana and Fleishman Hillard!werkoutla-and-tracy-anderson

Playlist @ Playlist Yoga


Class: Playlist

Location: Weho

Work-out: Yoga

Difficulty: 3

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 60

Sweat Level: Sweaty

Parking: Metered Street Parking and Validated Lot ($3 for 90 minutes)

Amenities: Towels, mats for rent for $3, water and swag for purchase

Requirements for class: mat and maybe some water

I know people RAVE about Playlist Yoga and I finally found out for myself what makes this place just so awesome. I came here this past Sunday for a #flexfitclub event with Ladies First Events and I have to say, I’m sold. This is officially my new favorite yoga studio. From the cool lockers labeled with names like Britney to Jay Z, to the impeccably curated playlist (get it?), this place is just 100% on point with ambiance and workout.

Studio manager Missy Faul led us through a vinyasa flow that was the perfect balance of challenging and rejuvenating. To its namesake, the music at Playlist perfectly complemented all the yoga, and you could literally feel all the good vibes in the room. One added thing I personally liked about Playlist over other trendy studios in LA was that at no point did we have to memorize a sequence and flow on our own. I can’t wait to come back and try the Remix class, which is Playlist’s version of sculpt!


Reformer Core Burn @ Love for Pilates


Class: Reformer Core Burn

Location: Santa Monica

Work-out: Reformer Pilates

Difficulty: 3.5

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 50

Sweat Level: A little dewy

Parking: Metered Street Parking

Amenities: Grip socks for purchase

Requirements for class: Must have grippy socks!

I’ve been meaning to try out Love for Pilates for a while now, and finally deviated from my normal pilates rotation to go check it out. The studio was small and well-kept, with no frills. The machines were all relatively new (since the Santa Monica location opened not too long ago), and each reformer was custom adjusted to each person’s height, which was nice.

The class was more challenging than I expected, for a non-megaformer pilates class. Though the class focused on core, we still worked arms and legs in addition to abs, which I appreciated. My abs were definitely sore the next day! In terms of overall difficulty rating, I would say it was a little harder than Speir Pilates and just slightly easier than Pilates Platinum. MDR and Carrie’s are definitely still a lot more difficult.

My only complaint about the studio is that neither the studio nor my instructor were particularly warm or welcoming. There were definitely the “regulars” that were greeted with more enthusiasm, but overall, I got the vibe that newbies and Classpass attendants were not part of the “in crowd” yet. With so many other great reformer pilates studios nearby, I’m not sure I would go back. I will note that I attended class the day after the election, so maybe that was affecting people’s moods.


Hot Pilates Sculpt 60 @ Set and Flow Yoga


Class: Hot Pilates Sculpt 60

Location: Hollywood

Work-out: Mat Pilates

Difficulty: 3

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 60

Sweat Level: A little dewy

Parking: Free underground lot

Amenities: Water station, lockers, showers, kombucha and juice bar, snacks and swag for purchase, mat rentals, towel rentals

Requirements for class: barefeet, bring a mat and towels

This was my first time to Set and Flow Yoga and the facilities are GORGEOUS. Talk about amenities galore! However, be warned that if you are looking this studio up on Classpass, they don’t tell you that mat and towel rentals will cost you! Other than that, the facilities were exceptional.

The class itself was not too difficult. It involved your typical mat pilates moves that worked your core, glutes, legs and arms. The studio was full, but spacious, and there is a little room at the end of the hallway where you can grab your desired weights and blocks before heading in. Unlike a traditional mat pilates class, I also liked that this class incorporated small cardio bursts into the routine, but nothing too rigorous. The class ended with a cool down stretch, which is always appreciated.

After class, you can cool down with some kombucha on tap, as well as an assortment of juices that the studio sells. There are lots of products and snacks that you can browse, and I definitely recommend spending some time to check out everything that’s offered. This studio has been open for less than a year and it’s one of the best spaces I’ve seen. I would love to check out its other, more intense classes, such as barefoot bootcamp.

The Ballet Bod


Class: The Ballet Bod

Location: AIR in Weho: 8474 W 3rd St #200, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Work-out: Ballet based toning and cardio fusion

Difficulty: 3

Next day soreness: 3.5

Duration: 27 min (30 with a stretch)

Sweat Level: A little dewy

Parking: Free lot

Amenities: Water station, blocks provided

Requirements for class: barefeet, bring a mat!

Yesterday, I was able to attend The Ballet Bod‘s U.S. launch event with founders Jenny and Winnie, and was excited to discover a new, challenging workout in 27 minutes. Having a background in ballet, I also really appreciated the fact that unlike barre, The Ballet Bod’s workouts actually incorporate real dance moves that have me feeling SORE today.

The class starts with a stretch and cardio warm-up on the mat, consisting of ballet jobs and grand battements. We then moved to the bar to do elevated tendus in first position with one leg on a block. These were KILLER! Finally, we ended with ab work on the mat and a nice stretch. I didn’t think 27 minutes of a ballet-based workout could be so intense, but it was!

The Ballet Bod also has an app subscription that allows you to do their workouts at home. The workout first started in Australia, and is now held for the first time in the U.S. Classes are from 8:30AM – 9AM at AIR in Weho, AND the best part is that they’re only $10 a class! If you’re short on time (and/or cash), this is the class for you!